Thursday, February 23, 2006

Foot Fetish And Acousticophilia

Well, alas I don't ( as yet!) have a picture for this one! Last week I was in contact with Lula Shaker from Australia. Lula is a Burlesque & Tap dancer. Lula was telling me about Acouticophilia, Foot Fetish with High Heeled tap shoes & stockings. I looked up Acousticophilia & in short, its a Sound Fetish. Arousal from sounds. So, could it be a cocktail of 3 Fetishes? Foot Fetish, Retifism (shoe Fetish) & Sound Fetish all in one! Wow, even more so if one is also into Nylon!!! I had never heard of Acousticophila. But thinking back I must say, I once recall sitting in a hospital waiting room waiting for someone. It was rather "quiet" as waiting room are & no one was in conversation. I remember hearing someone walking through a side corridor approaching the waiting area. From the type of the sound, the Heels, I could tell that it was a woman walking towards where we were sitting. It was a slow walk. The sound was getting louder & louder as she approached. She eventually came into the waiting room & walked right by me into another room. It was staff member, not sure what she did but the reason for walking slowly was because she was sending a text from her mobile & was busy concentrating on pressing the alphabet buttons on the mobile. Totally engrossed in what she was doing & didn't even look up as she walked through. It was very warm in the waiting room. She had a Knee length pleated skirt on. Bare legs & was wearing a high heeled dark red Mules with pointed toes & open back. Rather a medium to largish ankles & shapely Calves ( I wasn't looking for details but it was quick look!), but what was most striking was the "sticky" slapping sound that the soles of her feet made with the arch of the shoes every time she took a step, rather like the sound that Flip-Flops make only a bit more "Sticky" as if her soles were a little moist with sweat. Now......I'm not a Acousticophiliac ( If there is such a word ) but having he interests that I have, (namely photography!) I recall the seen to have been memorable. Needless to say that I hoped that she would make a return journey while I was still sitting there & she...........

So, Thank you Lula & I look forward to your next email.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this as well.

This may go long. It’s been awhile. I got a lot of pent up aggression, and perhaps I should devote the energy to writing in my own blog…


A “cocktail of three fetishes”? “Harmonious cacophony” perhaps? There’s a contradiction in terms. Cacophony means Jarring, discordant sound; dissonance. The use of harsh or discordant sounds in literary composition, as for poetic effect.

I like the concept though. Although admittedly, shoes are not my thing, I can relate to the idea of an arousal of sounds -- especially those emanating from shoes and feet. To those of us with an “ear” for such things, there is a definite difference of high heel tap shoes and hosiery stockings and those of bare legs and open-back high heeled mules. Ironic though, my hearing is diminished from years of much too loud rock music and artillery fire from the days of my youth, but I can hear your footsteps, baby. Even the softer “slap slap slap” of rubber flip flops against bare soles and heels. Sticky, yes! God, I’m loving it!

Recently got a blog from a gal pal in New York City. She was mourning the loss of a pair of dress shoes.

“My poor shoe met an untimely death today in the wee hours of the morning…It did nothing wrong. It made both my pants and my calves look great. It was very comfy (considering it was a women's shoe). But, it died nonetheless. It was a very sad day. Of course, I did not have a backup pair of shoes in my car. So, I walked around like a cheap hooker all day - with staples holding my poor little slingback together. When I got home, I said a proper eulogy and gave my loyal little friends a proper burial in a beautiful white plastic grave. No more perfect slingbacks. I must console myself with the fact that this death can only mean one thing - time to go shoe shopping!”

There are also regrets in the fact that shoes (like some people) are mated for life. Should one become injured -- or killed in action, the survivor is also condemned to death. Sad, huh?

Also consider that the shoe is to blame for it’s own demise. Not a lot of women think that they had something to do with the wear and tear. The killer feet that walk, march, stomp, dance, twist, dangle, or just playfully torture the shoes over their lifetime.

I remember in high school a young lady that sat in front of me in math class. She had what in clinical terms are “nervous legs” or restless leg syndrome. It was an afternoon ritual for her to sit at her desk, and repeatedly pound her heels into the hardwood floor. It was arousing and annoying at the same time. I never did pass that math class. I had to assume I was the only one bothered (you define that) by her antics.

Anyway, thank goodness for five senses. Maybe in a future post, we can address the other four!

-- Vince

Anonymous said...


How about bare feet slapping on a hardwood dance floor?

I could feel the angst she went thru in that time while the poor shoe was ailing. I could sense the pity her ankles and feet felt while exposed to the temporary mending necessary to make it thru the rest of the day. Oh, such depressed ego trauma in this sitution. I love slingbacks, but I'm pretty hard on shoes (or so I've been told.

I'm ready to head to the SW and really ready for a nice foot massage.


Anonymous said...

"Bare feet slapping on a hardwood dance floor?"

Funny you should mention that, Michael. While looking through a new copy of "This Old House" magazine, I came across an interesting advertisement for Anderson Hardwood Floors.
The full-page ad shows nothing but a pair of bare soles crossed in
relaxed fashion against a totally dark background.

I hope that ads like this, portraying bare feet as comfortable,
and acceptable, cause those who are habitually shod to consider - even if
just for a moment - the obvious alternative.


zapjoe said...

i'm a foot fetish freak, i love when a woman is doing a sexy solo tap dance, she's making erotic sounds with her feet and she wants to to watch her dance and hear her taps. i had the pleasure of worshipping the smelly stockinged soles of a really good tap dancer after the show, we went to the car and parked in a private spot. she took off her tap shoes and smothered me with those size 10s. the rich aroma of her sweat combined with the nylon and shoe leather it was utopia!